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Body Treatments/ Massage

Sea Salt Body Glow         $85 for  45min.


A superb body exfoliation using mineral salts blended with essential oils to remove impurities and stimulate circulation. Leaves skin silky smooth and radiant..

Back Treatment          $85 for 60 min.

MUST HAVE!!!This treatment includes cleansing and deep exfoliation and hydrating mask. If no extraction are needed a back massage will be substitute

Relaxing body massage

30min               $50

60min               $80

This massage can help you to relive your build up tension reduce stress.

Hot stone massage

30min               $50

60min               $85

Water heated smooth stones act as an extension of therapists hands.  Long strokes allow heat to penetrate deep into the core of your joints and muscle. This massage help alleviate stress, pain muscle tension it will melt your body to complete relaxation.

Please note that we do not offer Register Massage Therapist.

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