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Med Spa

MedSPA treatments

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion
Silk peel Dermalinfusion is revolutionary treatment using the mechanism of a high grade microdermabrasion SilkPeel derlivers a corrective proinfusion Serums deep int order to treat conditions such acne,hyperpigmentation,scars & stretchmarks,and premature aging.


Laser Hair Reduction
The Body Clinic Day Spa offers Light Sheer Laser Hair reduction for Men and Women. Consultation which includes FREE test patch.In February 1998 lightsheer was approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Skin Resurfacing with RF
If aging,acne,or to much time in the sun has left your face with blotches,scars,wrincles,or lines skin resurfacing may help your skin look younger and healthier.At The Body Clinic we are using EndyMed technology to improve your skin’s texture and tone to fight fine line and wrinkles.


$350 full face.

Skin tightening Face and Body
EndyMed’s radio frequency energy reactivates the skin’ natural collagen production in results tighter lifted contoured skin on face and body.


20 min per facial area (eg.eyes or cheeks or neck)$100

60 min per body area (eg,abdomen or upper arm)$100

Microneedling CIT
Microneedling Collagen induction therapy is a procedure that helps to improve the look of scars,wrinkles, and overall texture of the skin.

Cost full face and neck $295

Celluma acne Led Treatment.

Heal Damaged Skin and Refresh Your Youthful Glow with Celluma FDA cleared LED Light Therapy!
Cost full face $379 for 12 treatments.
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